New Wave Nation: Reliving the 80s in electrifying style!

New Wave Nation isn't just a band; it's a full-blown 1980s show experience. Founded in 1998, they've dedicated themselves to recreating the era's iconic music with flair, energy, and meticulous attention to detail.

More than just a cover band:
Live performance with a modern twist: New Wave Nation doesn't simply mimic the originals. They perform the greatest anthems of the 80s with their own arrangements, breathing new life into classic tracks.

A visual feast:

Utilizing cutting-edge video technology, they transport audiences back in time, immersing them in the decade's vibrant aesthetic alongside the electrifying live music.
Audience participation is key: The band thrives on audience interaction, creating a high-energy, engaging experience that leaves everyone wanting more.

A diverse setlist:
From the pulsating synth lines of "Pour Some Sugar on Me" to the smooth grooves of "Smooth Criminal", New Wave Nation's repertoire guarantees a journey through the 80s' most unforgettable hits. Their constantly evolving playlist keeps both the band and the audience on their toes, ensuring every performance feels fresh and exciting.

More than just nostalgia:
New Wave Nation isn't just about reliving the past; they celebrate the enduring power of great music. Their dedication to quality musicianship, combined with their innovative approach to live performance, makes them a must-see for anyone who wants to reignite the spirit of the 80s or simply experience the joy of exceptional live music.